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 This is the only post I plan to make. This is not a real site. We are testing a backlink here.  There is no doubt sleep is an important aspect of your life. You would not want to purchase a mattress then discover that it does not feel the way you had seen it. Therefore, the online purchase of mattresses differs in many aspects despite each holding its pros and cons. A mattress is sensitive because it affects one’s sleep. Visiting  mattress stores  clears your doubt on the purchased product. Also, any questions one might have been cleared by the store as opposed to online which might take a while for a comprehensive reply. Material, Size and Customer Service Purchasing a mattress online makes one tell the difference between a queen’s size mattress 60” W × 80” L and Olympic Queen 66” W × 80” L. It is easier to confuse the two without seeing. Mattress texture and materials differ and purchasing in-store makes one assess and make decisions easily from the store. Therefore, each mattress p